mPhone Standard

mPhone Standard 2.6.1

Synchronise your PPC with your mobile phone

mPhone is a mobile phone administrator that offers hundreds of possibilities.

A simple click is all you need to store your entire telephone registry, along with the incoming/outgoing messages saved on your mobile phone to your PocketPC via IR. This way, you can manage, organise and administer all this information from your PDA.

Once you have edited or created new telephone entries or SMS’s, you can update your mobile with all the new information administered from your device.

Main features:

  • Support for Nokia, Siemens, Ericsson and Motorola (L and T series).
  • Synchronize Agendas and messages between your mobile and PDA.
  • Store different Agendas independently.
  • Send SMS from your PPC.
  • Send ring tones, images and calendars to your mobile.

This is an ideal application for storing important telephone registries, SMS or any type of information resident on your mobile telephone.

Increase the possibilities of your PPC.

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mPhone Standard


mPhone Standard 2.6.1

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